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About Us & Our Work

Bias Digital Consulting are a marketing and business development agency with over 8 years experience. Specialising in working with brands and companies, we focuses them on Customer Optimisation, Inbound Marketing, Growth Hacking and Marketing Automation, to implement immediate short, medium and long-term strategic growth plans.

Where we’ve been featured

Web Design

We’ve successfully delivered over 100 web design projects as well as over 25 mobile apps for IOS and Android.

Growth Hacking

We’ve worked with 3 tech platforms focusing on product development through growth hacking strategies.

Marketing Strategy

Combining Customer Development Plans with our Marketing Automation toolkit and Inbound Marketing Strategy.

Customer Development

A Data led deep dive into Buyer Persona Development, Customer Segmentation and a clear map on the buyers journey.

WordPress Optimisation

Despite the number of posts we see on optimising slow WordPress websites, we have yet failed to deliver an immediate impact by using WP Fastest Cache with Remove Query Strings.

Buyer Personas

It is widely recognised that content marketing is the best form of authority building, but to convert customers it’s clear you need to focus on emotive triggers. To find out more about how we deep dive Buyer Personas click here.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is not a process that is implemented immediately, the setup and implementation process can take up to 4-8 weeks depending on what data you have available.

Ideal Partners

We enjoy working with businesses and brands that are keen to drive forward from a data-driven perspective. Those in this mindset will reap the greatest rewards.

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