ICO Marketing Packages

First Step

Pre ICO Bounty Campaign

The first of 2 bounty campaigns that will help your ICO campaign succeed. This campaign is about growing interest in your ICO and raising your campaign profile. You want to grow members in your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram and Linkedin. Bounty campaigns offer free tokens from your ICO for participants to perform certain actions you can track that help improve your profile.

Second Step

Pre-ICO Marketing Campaign

The pre-ICO stage is critical for all ICO marketing campaigns. We provide much needed services such as technical whitepapers, ICO presentations, Business Plans. We also provide Tokenomics, Media & Creative Services, Marketing & Social Media Services and Paid Marketing services. Legal advisory is provided through our partners and finally we can develop MVP (Minimal Viable Products) on blockchain platforms like Etherium, Hyperledger and DApps.

Third Step

ICO Marketing Campaign

Your main ICO marketing campaign will be defined by your available budget, usually raised in your private sale and through your pre-ICO marketing campaigns. We have set prices to work from in 3 packages, basic, optimum and aggressive. Packages include consultancy, website development, marketing and paid search, video marketing, CPA and a dedicated ICO manager.

Fourth Step

Post ICO Bounty Campaign

The post ICO Bounty campaign is designed to get the community re-engaged by helping you identify any issues that may be occurring on your platform. You can also reward your community for helping suggest improvements and development pathways for your platform and other things like translation services.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

ICO Marketing Agency

BIAS Digital is a specialist London based ico marketing agency. We help blockchain technology companies raise capital via an Initial Coin Offering or Initial Token Offering. Our customised marketing strategies help your ico launch bridge the gap with your rival blockchain based technology companies. This ensures you gain quick momentum in the development of your go-to-market product.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Multi-Channel Strategy

We use multi-channel marketing campaigns to raise funds and improve token sales, through our dedicated platform which can be the key difference between success and failure. Having advised on several ico projects already, as well as incubating our own projects, our commercialisation of blockchain ideas is second to none. This is where we really excel.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Full ICO Solution

Choose BIAS Digital as your blockchain advisor and not only will we list your ico, we can guarantee to float tokens and manage your whole campaign including smart contract development, erc20 tokens, bounty campaigns and airdrops which few other agencies can offer. For a more detailed consultation, book in with BIAS Digital the London ico marketing agency.

So What’s Next?

Let’s be honest, you now need to decide if you want to have a conversation with us. We’ve been in Fintech for 8 years and we also have interests in our own Fintech and blockchain companies and projects so we really understand your business and talk your language. Give us a call, drop a message in the form or use our friendly chatbot.

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How does it work?

Great Prices

Monthly Plans



Pricing Plans

Bias Digital run ICO campaigns for Blockchain companies raising finance and notoriety. We help with financing as part of ICO marketing, not as a separate service. We develop websites, provide community managers and paid search management. Our platform guarantees your token listing and early access to a marketplace with 120k+ investors.

  • ICO 1 Day Workshop Package
  • £1499/ from
    • Legal Consultation
    • Video Marketing Consultation
    • Communications Consultation
    • Branding Consultation
    • MVP Consultation
    • Initial Marketing Consultation
    • Concept Analysis
    • Project Presentation*
    • Add-Ons Available
    • Deducted from full ICO Package*
    • Paid in advance

  • Bounty Marketing Campaign
  • £35,000/ Per Campaign (from)
    • Bounty Campaign Strategy
    • Content Marketing Strategy
    • Paid Marketing Strategy
    • Premium ICO Listings
    • Community Manager
    • Translation Services*
    • Smart Contract
    • Bounty Campaign Platform*
    • Campaign Management
    • Email Marketing
    • Graphic Design
    • Marketing Automation
    • Reporting
    • ECR20 Token Creation*

  • Full ICO Marketing Package
  • £78,000/ Per Campaign (from)
    • Project Analysis
    • Technical Whitepaper
    • Commercial Whitepaper
    • Investor Pitch Presentation
    • Business Plan
    • Tokenomics
    • Communications Strategy
    • Branding & Design
    • ICO Campaign Website
    • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)*
    • Video Marketing Strategy
    • Media Asset Creation
    • Aggressive Paid Campaigns
    • Content Marketing Strategy
    • Legal Consultation*
    • Token Generation*
    • ICO Dashboard*
    • Paid Marketing Strategy*
    • Community Manager(s)*
    • Translation Services*
    • Social Media Influencers*
    • Affiliate Marketing*
    • Bounty Campaign Strategy*
    • Graphic Design Assets*
    • Premium ICO Listings*
    • Campaign Management
    • ICO Workshop*
    • Pre-ICO Campaign

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