Our Services: What We Do & How We Do It


Creative thinking & design

At Paul Sullivan Marketing we understand the importance of creative within brand guidelines. If there are none in place, we often help clients set these before commencing work. Knowing what colours, fonts and tone of voice you want to use are extremely important. Equally as important as visual design representation.


Digital branding & marketing

When taking your brand to market, it’s extremely important not to look at it solely from the perspective of the business. A brand in today’s environment is primarily what your audience believes it to be and interprets it to be. Understanding your market, who they are, what they like, how they interpret similar brands is key to positioning your business well. As we are customer obsessed here at Paul Sullivan Marketing, we are confident we can kick off your brand, or expand it’s reach very comfortably.


SEO, Analytics & Marketing

SEO and analytics are extremely important to  the marketing process as a whole. If you view the channels as mediums to portray a particular message then you include the website, social media, content/blogging, webinars, PPC, Facebook adverts as fully inclusive and not separate. We use artificial intelligence (AI) software in our marketing suite to add machine learning to experience. This doubles up on our efforts to ensure maximum return on investment.


Thinking outside the box

It is our job to think outside of the box. Depending on your business, service or product offering, we adopt a combination of growth hacking and marketing practices for immediate, short and long term benefit.

Focusing on extensive customer profiling and persona development, brand intimacy strategies and overlaying marketing automation campaigns to achieve the desired results.